Scream 5

Ghostface: From a whisper to a Scream or known as 5cream

Ghostface: From a whisper to a Scream

This is a Home Made Video premering on July,20,2011 on


the film begins two boys no older than fourteen or thriteen sittng on the couch and just hanging out with bored expressions on their face. One of them is Jamal the other is Monte there watching a horror movie Jamal turns the tv off and decides to go outside where Monte turns it back on and says he can but hes staying right here. Jamal gets up and leaves he turns around the back of the house and thinks about scaring Monte, he has a Ghostface mask and a black jacket ,he puts on the makeshift costume and starts knocking on the back door thens runs.Monte opens the door and waits to see the person then Jamal jumps out and scares him.He laughs and then gets punched by Monte shouting "never scare a black person ". Jamal rubbing on his nose and cheek walking away cursing under his breath his phone ringing. Jamal picks it up thinking it is Monte trying to get him back as soon as he talks on the phone a voice says "well cant blame him your were a dick to make it up to him ,ill rip out your intestines and feed them to your dog". Jamal scared out his wits looks around him and runs down the street before seeing a shadow he panics and dials the number the landline says its this number does not exsits. Then Ghostfaces runs up and stab him in the head. Ghostface starts to gut him and place him on a car. Monte going outside sees Jamals body then sees Ghostface running after him he runs back in side and lock the doors. THen Ghostface slips in the bedroom Monte asking who he is Ghostface saying nothing then saying "well im a lot things but right now im your fucking muderuer......" Ghostface taking off his mask and reveilng to be Joel on of Montes closest freind. "why" Monte whispers " why WHY THERES ALOT OF REASONS WHY LETS START WITH THE MAIN THOUGH." Joel start screaming. Joel wanting him dead because of his father he always took care of his mother when his father abonnoned them when she began dating ,Joels mother didnt need him anymore which made him insane ,which then led to killing all of his mothers boyfreinds until she met Montes dad but one of his freinds or brother said she kills her dates which made her go to jail since Monte father died and Monte lived only with Jamal ,he had to kill him for his mother he killed Montes mother which infuries Montes but Joel ataccks him first. They fight but when Joel has Monte pinned down and begins to stab him Monte grabs the the knife and stabs Joel in the head three times and then in throat. Monte walks out with taers in his eyes and the camera closes on Joels face which his eyes twich.


Monte= Junior McClendon Jamal= Joel= Brandon Collins