Kirby Reed is one of the only survivors of SCREAM 4. In SCREAM 5, she is a receptionist at Woodsboro High School, and has a part time job at a local bar. Her step-brother Eddie James is a victim, as are some of his friends and his girlfriend. Throughout the movie, she teams up with Sidney to catch the killer as well as Judy Hicks. She becomes friends with Jade Gold, but fails to save her in time from the new Ghostface. She also survives SCREAM: Legends, SC7EAM, SCREAM FOR ME AND SCREAM:GHOSTFACE FM. She has a flashback of Marnie Cooper, Jill Roberts, Charlie walker and Olivia Morris in Ghostface FM. After the series it is established she grew up to direct horror films as the next Wes Craven, and hired Gale to write them. She killed 3 villians i her lifetime

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