These are the deaths

Victim Death Killer
1. Paulie Grimes Throat slit (STAB 8) Ghostface
2. Vince Jenkins Stabbed in the chest twice (STAB 8) Ghostface
3. Holly Daisy Stabbed in the head (STAB 8) Ghostface
4. Shanae Roberts Stabbed in the shoulder and gutted alive (STAB 8) Ghostface
5. Kyle Maggie Decapitated Ghostface (Robert Pierce)
6. Rachel Henderson Stabbed in the throat and stabbed in the head Ghostface (Julie Jones)
7. Veronica Moore Hung and gutted Ghostface (Julie Jones)
8. James Peterson Stabbed in the groin and stabbed through the eye Ghostface (Charlie Gunther)
9. Deputy Jude Hicks Stabbed in the stomach and head impaled with a flag Ghostface (Robert Pierce)
10. Shelley Rose Pushed off of a three story balcony Ghostface (Julie Jones)
11. Kirby Reed Hit by Gale's reporter van accidentaly Gale Weathers
12. Yuna Shane Stabbed in the nose and arms cut off and hung Ghostface (Charlie Gunther)
13. Robert Pierce Throat slit and stabbed in the jaw Julie Jones (Unmasked)
14. Charlie Gunther Stabbed in the spine and stabbed in the head Julie Jones (Unmasked)
15. Dewey Riley Shot in heart saving Gale and Sidney Julie Jones (Unmasked)
16. Julie Jones Beaten to death Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers