No. Character Death Killer
1. Stephanie Sebert Stabbed in the stomach and throat slashed with glass Ghostface (Portia Wode)
2. Hannah Fuscia Stabbed in the chest and eye cut out Ghostface (Portia Wode)
3. Raven Draven Stabbed in the jaw and stabbed in the head Ghostface (Dewey Riley)
4. Kesha Axe thrown at her head during a concert through backstage Ghostface (Dewey Riley)
5. Sarah Wode Breasts cut off Ghostface (Portia Wode)
6. Kathy Wode Stabbed and gutted alive Ghostface (Portia Wode)
7. Terri Mane Stabbed in the groin and stabbed in the heart Ghostface (Dewey Riley)
8. Rebecca Davids Stabbed in the chest and eyes slit Ghostface (Dewey Riley)
9. Peter Fowl Cut all over and stabbed all over and gutted Portia Wode (Unmasked)
10. Sidney Prescott Beaten and shot in the head Portia and Dewey (Unmasked)
11. Dewey Riley Shot in the head Police
12. Police Officer Stabbed in the throat by a glass shard Portia Wode (Unmasked)
13. Portia Wode Shot in the leg, then kills a police officer then is shot in the face several times. Police