Deaths. Brutal.

No. Character Death Killer
1. Sarah Morris Head smashed with mirror, thrown into cupboard, smashed into front door, kicked onto stairs. Kicked down stairs. Smashed into the bath. Cut. Smashed through window and thrown out landing on trampoline. Stabbed in stomach through shed door, beaten and dropped dead inside the house due to blood loss. Ghostface
2. Laura Morris Stabbed in the throat then knocked through the bathroom window falling two stories, missing the trampoline. Ghostface
3. Sandra Fisher Smashed into cupboard, stabbed and thrown through window landing on her parents car. Ghostface
4. Katie Klick Stabbed in the chest and gutted. Ghostface
5. Lindsay Moan After recieving acupuncture with the sharp things on her, is smashed into the wall with them going all through her body killing her. Ghostface
6. Chloe Smith Stabbed in the back then body thrown into her dad. Ghostface
7. John Smith. Knocked to floor by Chloe's body and throat slashed five times. Ghostface
8. Rachel Smith Directly after the Smith's deaths, stabbed in the chest and thrown dsown from the second story to the first. Ghostface
9. Liam Smith Head bashed through window, smashed into drawers and gutted. Ghostface
10. Jess Right Stabbed into stomach and thrown into drawers, then the Smith's are killed and is finished off by a stab to the eye. Ghostface
11. Zach Niel Stabbed in the back during swinging on a swing and intestines wrapepd around the swing. Ghostface
12. George Peterson Stabbed in the head and brain shoved in the freezer. Ghostface
13. Hannah Liss Stabbed and gutted (STAB 8) Ghostface
14. Courtney Yarns Throat slit (STAB 8) Ghostface
14. Ricky Parker Head bashed into door and gutted Ghostface
15. Cher Chord Head smashed with vase, stabbed in the stomach, jaw cut open, stabbed through the nose and throat slit Ghostface
16. Amber Lentils Stabbed in the kneecap, legged cut off, arm cut off and gutted. Ghostface
17. Jim Carpenter Stabbed in the shoulder and thrown through window and falls ten stories from a hospital building and lands on Kate Walker, crushing her which was Ghostface's plan. Ghostface
18. Kate Walker Crushed by Jim's fallen body and head slammed on corner of a stair. Ghostface
19. Ashlee Rose Beaten up, stabbed in the stomach, smashed into the TV, head beaten with fridge door and decapitated via meat cleaver. Ghostface
20. Gale Weathers Stabbed in the arm, beaten throughout the house, thrown into window, stabbed in the chest and thrown down the stairs. Ghostface
21. Helena Fisher Stabbed in the spine and slammed into car window in the hospital carpark. Ghostface
22. Graham Fisher Heab bashed into windshield stabbed in the stomach and head slammed and eventually cut off by the bonnet. Ghostface
23. John Rico Stabbed in the stomach and shot in the head Sidney Prescott