Victims Causes of Reasons Killer
#1 Margo Lithate Stabbed in the Stomach Ghostface (Kyle Genos)
#2 Muriel Christ Stabbed in the shoulder 2 times then in the forehead Ghostface (Jamie Sango)
#3 Ruby Higgies Stabbed in the back 7 times Ghostface (Jamie Sango)
#4 Larry Nixion Stabbed in the head Ghostface (Kyle Genos)
#5 June Hoss Stabbed in the chest Ghostface (Kyle Genos)
#6 Sam Limberge Throat slash Ghostface (Kyle Genos)
#7 Keke Withan Stabbed in the back 3 times Ghostface (Jamie Sango)
#8 Kyle Genos Stabbed in the stomach then chest Jamie Sango
#9 Jamie Sango Shot in the head then in the heart Natalie Carmen and Ethan Carsia