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SCREAM 5 is the 5th Scream installment in the franchise. 2 years after SCRE4M, Kirby works at a bar and as a receptionist at Woodsboro High, where her half brother goes to school. Another series of murders begin, and Gale, Dewey, Kirby, Sidney, Judy and Martha Meeks must stop the killer.


Two girls (Sloane and Olive) have worked a late shift at the cinema and are watching STAB 8 in advance. The film cuts off, and Sloane goes to check what has happenned. Olive hears screaming, but assumes some of the other workers are watching a different Horror movie. It turns out she was right, and Sloane goes into the projector room, where she sees a rolling camera. She gets a call from the killer who threatens to murder her, which he does silently, after the first Stab, the scene cuts back to Olive who was is calling out for Sloane untill the projector comes on, showing the rest of Sloane's murder. She is called by the killer who says "ready for the rest?" when the killer grabs Olive and stabs her in the hand. Olive runs away to the door, where she is stabbed in the back. Ghostface stabs her through the back of her mouth. She gurgles out blood and dies until the titles come up.

Maya Cinderson and Jade Gold are about to leave work at blockbusters. They are invited friends to watch STAB 6 in the back room. Jade wants to check the headlines before they leave. She turns on the news to see that Sloane and Olive were just killed and found by police 21 minutes ago. They begin to freak out and they run to their cars and leave.

The next day at school, Maya and Jade who are with their friends Eddie James , Tina Aisders and Ella Cyers are discussing the murder. They see another group of people staring at them are Jenna Cutler, Vicky Jenson, Nathan Davis, Mitchell Mayfield and Isabella Blatz. They soon accuse eachother of the murders and Eddie punches Nathan for badmouthing his girlfriend Maya, when Kirby Reed comes out (revealing she didn't die in SCRE4M) and tells them only bad things happen when murders start and people turn on each other and she is especially disapointed in Eddie. When Kirby goes back to work, she gets a call from the killer but she quickly hangs up and calls Sidney Prescott (Now a famous author) and tells her "It's happenning again" and Sidney tells her she's on her way.

Dewey and Judy Hicks are looking at the pictures of the dead bodies. Olive was wedged in the projector slot and Sloane was pinned to the screen in the shape of CiCi's body in Scream 2. Judy convinces Dewey that another Ghostface killing spree has started, and that they were the first victims, but Gale (who undoubtedly Gale'd her way in) is sceptical. Dewey gets a call from Kirby who says that she's coming over with Sidney. Gale and Judy warn that this was a trap for Sidney but Dewey refuses to listen. Sidney and Kirby enter. Kirby fears her half brother may be in danger, but Sidney fears for all of the blonde females (she is now more aware of movie cliches). Kirby wells up when she sees the body pictures. Judy comforts her. Sidney insists on a curfew. She fears for the lives of the teens in Woodsboro, but even more for Kirby. Judy accompanies Kirby to her shift at the bar to further discuss the murders.

Maya and Jade are doing homework, while discussing suspects. Jade suggests Isabella is the killer but Maya disagrees saying "She's evil, but she's high school evil but not Billy and Stu psycho evil". Jade agrees and Maya go's to get some coke from the garage. Once in the garage someone calls her. The killer asks her if she noticed that she was locked in, and he has the garage door remote Maya runs to try and keep the door closed while calling out for Jade, but Jade has her ear muffs on and can't hear. After realising she can't keep it closed, she runs and hides behind large boxes. She peers through the hole in the boxes, and Ghostface runs past it. Ghostface walks past again, this time she pushes the boxes on him. Meanwhile, Jade hears Maya's shrieking and gets worried. Maya tries to run, but is grabbed and stabbed in the lower back. While Maya tries to crawl the garage door but sadly Ghostface closes it on her neck before stabbing her in the back more and drags her in middle of the garage and slits her throat. Jade comes in and sees her corpse, before screaming and calling the police.

The scene is now at the bar. Kirby is scared, saying anyone could be the killer, but Judy comforts her by saying they are like the new Sidney and Dewey, "Only I'm way hotter than Dewey" Kirby laughs. Martha Meeks comes into view and Martha and Judy know eachother because at one point Martha tutored Judy in Maths. Martha becomes grief stricken at the sight of the news which shows that Maya is dead. It mentioned that Jade found her and Kirby leaves to see Jade. Martha agrees to cover for Kirby. Martha accuses Jade as she was the only witness and Judy says they will keep an eye on her.

Ella is walking in the football field, when the lights come on. She looks for the exit but it has been locked and sealed. She tries to call the police but is called by the killer who warns her that she shouldn't be there and he threatens to kill her. She runs to the stands and hides under the seats. She gets out her phone when a light hits her, Ghostface steps in front of it and stamps on her phone. Ella screams and kicks but Ghostface stabs her in the stomach. Ghostface chases Ella to the gym where he stabs her in the back and throws Ella under the bleachers and pushes a button that closes the bleachers causing them to crush Ella to death.

Vicky and Nathan are talking on the way home from school about Ella's grisly death. Vicky insists that Nathan stops watching horror movies while the killings are happening and she fears for his safety. Nathan argues with her saying Marnie Cooper was killed 2 years back and she didn't like horror. Vicky gets angry as Marnie was her stepsister and runs off. Nathan calls out for her but she runs home. Her mother scares her and goes out for groceries. She sits on her couch and on every channel is STAB. She gets irritated ant turns the TV off. The phone rings and the killer asks her to turn the last one back on. She assumes it is Nathan and hangs up to make popcorn. The phone rings again and she tells "Nathan" that she is watching terms of Endearment and he can't stop her. The killer says "When the psycho killer is in your house, you do whatever he says! Now lets play a game" Vicky refuses and gets out a knife to search the house. She goes into her bedroom, the phone rings when the killer jumps out and stabs her in the back. She crawls to the kitchen where the killer stabs her in the sternum, stomach and heart. The killer says she should have played the game before slicing her forehead, ending the scene.

Eddie and Jade are having lunch together with Tina but not untill Jade gets called to the office for a meeting with Kirby and leaves. Eddie is sore about Maya's death, and fears for his life and Jade's life and others. Tina says that he should say goodbye to Maya at the graveyard after school as it is better to die happy than die knowing you will forgot. Tina leaves and Eddie agrees with her as the bell rings. Kirby is with Jade to discuss any trauma she may have over finding Maya dead. Kirby tells her of how she was betrayed by Charlie and Jill, seeing Olivia die and almost die herself. Jade doesn't want to talk about it. Kirby allows her to go, but is still worried. Jade comes back, and agrees to discuss part of what happenned.

Eddie walks into the graveyard and finds Maya's gravestone. He talks to her and apologises for not saving her. A cloaked figure runs past. Ghostface calls him and asks if he wants to join Maya. Ghostface jumps out from behind the gravestone and stabs him in the shoulder. A chase ensues and Eddie keeps on running until he stops at a gravestone saying "my next victim" and his name, Ghostface takes advantage and kills Eddie by cutting his ear off and dismbowels him and buries him.

Dewey is working with a 22 year old police officer at the crime scene who convinces Dewey and Gale to suspect Jade because she is surviving and witnessed a murder. Sidney wants to talk to Gale. Sidney wants to find out who is next.

Tina is studying in the library. The librarian tells her to lock up when she's done and leaves. Tina hears noises and asks who's there. The lights go out and the library phone rings. Tina slowly answers. The killer asks "What's your favourite Scary Movie?" She negotiates by saying The Shining. He said he knew and asked if she remembered ths scene with the hedge maze, and that she was in his book maze. Only this time, Danny dies. Tina sees a figure run past her. Then behind, then he put the lights back on and ran towards her. He chases her to the locked exit. She tries to open the door but can't. She looks behind her and Ghostface is gone. All of the lights go out again except the ones through the door. She looks through the window and Ghostface pops up to grab her as he did to Casey Becker in the past. Tina punches Ghostface and tries to contact Nathan but Ghostface appears and slashes her arm and then tries to strangle her but Tina kicks him in the groin and heads to the exit. The scene cuts back to Sidney and Gale, who realise that if the only members of the group left are Tina and Jade, the killer wants Jade to suffer more, making Tina the next victim. They rush to the library just in time to see Tina being stabbed in the eye by Ghostface who drags her back into the library and then Sidney takes Gale inside to witness Ghostface stabbing a screaming Tina to death and butchers her. The two women gazes at Tina's butally maimed corpse and her body is shaped like Derek's corpse in Scream 2.

Jade is expelled from school by punching Isabella after teasing her about Maya's death. Nathan and Isabella inform everyone of a party. Isabella feels sorry for Jade and invites her along. Kirby agrees to go along to stop any deaths. That night, Kirby visits Jade. Kirby wants to help Jade get over the friends deaths un-painfully. However, once she says "Let me help you" Jade mistakes this for an accusation and runs to her room upset. Kirby waits downstairs as not to pressure her. Jade gets a call from the killer. Jade screams at Ghostface for framing her. Ghostface knows her favourite scary movie is the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake, but Jade is convinced he can't get her in her room. He asks her if she remembers "this scene" before screaming "FOUND YA!" And jumping onto her from the top of her bed. Kirby runs upstairs and tries to break down the door, but Jade locked it. As Freddie did to Kris, Ghostface makes 4 long cuts down her torso, killing her and leaving her on the bed. Kirby breaks in, and finds Jade dead. Ghostface jumps out and chases Kirby to the shed. Kirby throws gardening tools at him and kicks him in the face. She gets in her car and heads to the Party to warn the teens.

Dewey is patrolling around town with the cop from the graveyard who goes because he saw something. He sees Kirby speeding and knows a killer is close by. He goes around with his gun trying to find the killer. He sees him and chases him to a dark alley. He begins to move back but Ghostface comes and Stabs his back and leaves him there.

At the party, Mitchell and the teens are watching Stab 7 and Kirby arives and tries to warn the teens but to no avail. While trying to warn the teens, Kirby sees Ghostface in the crowd and kills Mitchell by stabbing him to death causing the screaming party guests to flee while Kirby is screaming as the camera zooms into her mouth ending the scene.

Sidney is working with Judy at the police station. They decide to head to the theatre as the last movie had one of the final scenes there, and try to prevent another murder. Once there , Judy goes to check the ticket booth while Sidney checks backstage. Sidney finds her phone on a table wth a blood stained knife and a costume. The phone has a voice message, which tells her he is prepared to help Sidney discover the next victim. He believes that horror remakes shouldn't end with just one remake, and that STAB 2 is what has happenned (two people killed at the movies at the beginning, Deputy left for dead.) Sidney realises Judy is the next victim. The machine asks "Who is the next victim?" Sidney says "Judy Hicks" and the door opens. Ghostface pops out of the dark and chases Sidney through the building. After a while he disappears and Sidney finds Judy in the projector room. Ghostface pops up and stabs Judy in the back. He chases Sidney outside where Sidney sees Kirby's car. Kirby tells Sidney to hop in. Kirby explains that Ghostface will take the party as an oppertunity to kill someone.

Nathan gets a text and complains everyone decided not to come because of the murders. Isabella sees a Ghostface costume, but assumes that it is a decoration and goes to the bathroom. The Costume moves, however. In the bathroom, the mirror door opens so she shuts it, and Ghostface is on the door, but she assumes it is another decoration, however he pulls out a knife and stabs her in the back. Isabella tries to flee but Ghostface catches her and drowns her in the bathtub filled up with scalding hot water before stabbing her through the back of the neck. Nathan gets scared when Isabella doesn't return and goes to lock the door. He gets a call from Ghostface who says he should've locked the doors when he wasn't inside. Nathan runs upstairs only to get pushed down by Ghostface, which breaks his ankle. Nathan tries to crawl away but Ghostface catches up and kills him by stabbing him in the chest 5 times

Sidney and Kirby arrive to save the teens. Sidney stops and feels something is wrong. A body is thrown off of the roof, but it is just a mannequin. Stuffed inside are notes saying "LoOk InSiDe! ! !" Kirby grabs a piece of wood and heads inside. She finds Isabella's corpse and Nathan's strapped to a chair. Kirby and Sidney are attacked and Kirby is stabbed in the shoulder, the killer sets his sights on Sidney who drives away. Ghostface drags Kirby away.

Sidney sees Gale and Gale tells Sidney she found Dewey on the ground where he was taken to hospital. The killer calls Gale, who informs her that she has stolen Sidney's friends and they will soon die should she not go to the police station. Gale and Sidney head to the police station.

Once there, the killer calls Sidney from the police phone. Gale is forced to lock herself in a cell. The cell lights up to reveal the killer inside who grabs Gale. The killer on the phone tells Sidney she must answer horror movie trivia to save Gale. Sidney manages to just get the first right, but when asked whether it was Stu or Billy who killed Tatum, she begins to cry and can't answer. The killer then stabs Gale in the shoulder and the lights go out again. In the next cell along, another killer (the one on the phone with Sidney) lights up the next cell. Judy, Dewey and Kirby are tied to the bars in cross shapes. The two killers step out of the cells and take off their masks. It was Mitchell who was still alive but unharmed and the police officer from the graveyard, as Mitchell had been made fun of constantly when he was younger, which gave him a hatred for everyone and a love of violent slasher films. The police officer arrested him for killing Sloane after finding him at the scene of the crime, but Mitchell convinced him to kill with him, saying he should be the new Dewey. Martha appears beside the killers, holding a gun to Mitchells head. Mitchell questions why the officer did not kill Martha after being asked to, Mitchell is then stabbed in the back of the neck by the officer, he says because he resisted arrest and bribed an officer. The killer slaps Martha, and Kirby then begins beating the officer with a police baton. She has freed Dewey, Gale and Judy and called an ambulance. Sidney goes to comfort them while Martha is killed by the officer when he cuts her stomach open and rips her intestine out and hangs her. He dies when Kirby blows his head of with Dewey's handgun. Sidney hears screaming in the next room and goes to see Jenna who has discoverd the maimed corpses of Isabella and Nathan. Sidney finds Jenna with the boddies and tries to comfort her. Kirby looks into Jenna's eyes and says "Now it's over."

2 months later Sidney and Kirby are having lunch, where Sidney informs Kirby she may have to hang up heroine reins to make Kirby the hero. Kirby gets a call on her cell and Ghostface says "Hello, Kirby." and it was revealed to be Jenna using her Ghostface app to prank Kirby as the movie ends.


There were several scenes that were removed in the final cut:

THE ALTERNATE PARTY SCENE: The original scene at the party where Kirby tries to warn the teens but she see Ghostface in the crowd and kills Jenna by ripping her throat out and stabbing her in the head causing the guests to flee the stabathon in fear. The original idea is to have Jenna to be killed at the stabathon but that idea fell through.

KILLER'S ESCAPE: There was a deleted scene of Ghostface escaping Maya's house through the living room. It was removed when the producers saw the footage of Ghostface escaping through the garage door, which they thought made more sense.

E-Mail: This was a scripted scene the producers wrote involving Kirby recieving and e-mail with various threats. It was never filmed as it was already in the early script from SCREAM: LEGENDS.

ALTERNATE OPENING: In an alternate version of the script, it was Maya and Ella who died first. This idea was scrappped due to Sloane and Olive not being as "Interesting" as the other girls and leading to a dull script.

ALTERNATE ENDING#1: There were three alternate endings for Scream 5. In the first one, Judy and Dewey were killed and only Kirby was tied to a cross in the prison cell, leading to Sidney's death. But the director felt it too disrespectful to kill off Sidney like this and much of the SCRE4M survivors.

ALTERNATE ENDING#2: In the other alternate ending, Gale was murdered in the prison cell and Kirby, Dewey and Judy were shot dead, leaving Sidney the only survivor. But this left no room for a SCREAM 6 and was scrapped. Also, in this ending the policeman was in the electric chair and Jenna and Mitchell were lovers killing people. This felt too similar to SCRE4M and was scrapped along with everything else.

ALTERNATE ENDING#3: in the final alternate ending, when Kirby is pranked by Jenna, Ghostface shows up and slashes the back of Jenna's neck and stabs her in the throat and cuts it open which kills her and calls Kirby and says "Hello Kirby".

MARTHA'S CHALLENGE: This was cut due to runtime and featured Martha alone in the bar when windows begin to break and Ghostface breaks in. This interfered with the ending also. However, this is all still viewable on the DVD.


David Arquette as Dewey Riley

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Courteney Cox as Gale Riley

Hayden Panettire as Kirby Reed

Katelyn Tarver as Maya Cinderson

Elizibeth Gillies as Jade Gold

Erin Sanders as Ella Cyers

Ariana Grande as Tina Aisders

KeKe Palmer as Isabella Blatz

Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks

Emma Watson as Jenna Cutler

Cody Longo as Mitchell Mayfield

Sam Earle as Nathan Davis

Thomas Dekker as Eddie James

Selena Gomez as Vicky Jenson

Jessica Lucas as Sloane Wolfe

Kaley Cuoco as Olive Gutterson

Heather Mastrazzo as Martha Meeks

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