1. Sidney Prescott -Neve Cambell
  2. Dewey Riley -David Arquette
  3. Gail Weathers .Riley-Courtney Cox
  4. Cory Birchwood-Cole Sprouse
  5. Clove Hart-Abigail Breslin
  6. Cindy Elms-Taylor Momsen
  7. Nick Head-Cory Montieth
  8. Leigh Elms-Lea Michelle
  9. Mitchell Bond-
  10. George Waylen-Johnny Simmons
  11. Tim Wagner-Zac Efron
  12. Claire Duff-Liz Gillies
  13. Portia Wagner-Selena Gomez
  14. Liam Jones-Jake T. Austin
  15. Rachel Jones-AnnaSophia Robb
  16. James Jones-Joe Jonas
  17. Pippa Jones-Elle Fanning
  18. Cleo Newton-Keke Palmer
  19. Malcom Hunter-Nick Jonas
  20. Courtney Arquette-Dianna Agron
  21. Lindsay Peters-Ellen Wroe
  22. Santania Rain-Crystal Lowe
  23. Marco Hender-Blake Woodruff
  24. Marcus Trent-Jacob Smith
  25. Kristen Crosby-Jessica Alba
  26. Hilary Houseton-Morgan York
  27. Beverly Morrison-Dakota Fanning
  28. Deputy Dawnie Adams-Kaley Couco
  29. Caitlin Fry-Miley Cyrus
  30. Anna Kennerdy-Alyson Stoner
  31. Tameeka Eastwood-Emma Watson
  32. Officer Ray Lever-Harrison Ford
  33. Officer Mackenzie Kent-Denise Richards
  34. Officer Sam Flint-Adam Sandler
  35. Hudson Hills-Mark Sailing
  36. Claudia Newlands-Ashley Fink
  37. Amber Lynch-Gina Holden
  38. Sadie Reynalds-Kristen Stewart
  39. Jim Caeser-David Koechner
  40. Dr. Simon Simpson-Anthony Rogers
  41. Nurse Greeta Fanning-Hilary Duff
  42. Lea Blonde-Victoria Justice
  43. Nicole Smith-Miranda Cosgrove
  44. Cheryl Turner-Zendaya Coleman


On a rainy afternoon in late August Nicole Smith and Cheryl Turner two girls who are both seventeen becume victoms of murder. Dewey Riley takes Sidney to the crime scene and they both presume it is ghostface who killed them.

At the morge where they are put works Jim Caeser a kleptomanic who uses acupunture as a cure. Jim noticed that both the girls after looking in there infomation books attend Woodsboro High. After reporting this to the Dewey and Claire Duff while watching the credits of Stab 6 is killed. Claudia the president of the Murder Invetergations Club is also murdered, although it is unknown as she was just about to go on vacation.

At Woodsboro High a week later Portia Wagner and her freinds Anna, Leigh, Sadie and Caitlin morn Nicole and Cheryl's erns. As Dawnie pases she thinks Anna is the killer. That night Sadie is at her science partner Amber's house when they are attacked and killed by ghostface. A nurse called Greeta and a student called Claire are both killed.

Due to the past 8(8 counting Cheryl, Jim, Nicole, Greeta, Claire, Sadie and Amber's as Claudia's was unknown) deaths Sidney comes in to speak to the classes about safety. George and his best friend Tim listen to every word Sidney says and after critisize it sarcasticly. Anna and Leigh argue with Sidney while Lindsay and Santania ignore her. Cory says that he saw a book in the school library about ghostface. After hearing this Sidney rushes to the library and borrows the book. Dewey receives a call on his cell phone from ghostface who threatens to everybody he calls within the month which is late September. Clove overhears this converstation and tells Gail that she needs to write a report about this.

Later that night Cindy and Leigh go out to Pizza Hut to eat dinner and discuss who the killer might be, before Clove calls them and they form a group so she joins them and they presume Kameeka is the killer. At the same time Jim is chased by the killer and he has his throught slit in a body bag. Sidney sees a news report of his death and goes over to the crime scene with Dewey to see on the wall it says in faded writting Jones, and they rush over to the Jones family household. Liam is in James' room with him and Liam is stabbed in the stoumic and James kicks ghostface in the face but gets stabbed in the foot and is rolled up in a carpet and thrown down the stairs cracking his head open. Ghostface leaves Liam to bleed to death and stabs Pippa in the eye killing her but Rachel hides in the closet and ghostface as no option but to leave as the police arrive. An hour later Rachel, Portia, George, Tim, Dawnie, Sidney, Cindy, Lea, Leigh, Cory, Lindsey, Anna, Caitlin, Santania, Marco, Marcus, Malcom, Cleo, Courtney, Hudson, Hilary, Beverly, Kristen, Clove, Tameeka, Mitchell and Nick all recieve extremly short phone calls saying they will die within the month.

The next day it is revealed Liam bleed to death and Rachel is in the hospital for shock because she lost her family. In his office her doctor Dr. Simon Simpson finds a ghostface costume in his closet and reports this to the cops before he is murded. Dawnie takes it to be analyzed while Gail recieves a phone call from ghostface. Mitchell and Nick, Cory's best freinds form a side and accuse Malcom of being the killer at Nick's house before ghostface calls them and says next time they should accuse the right person before slashing Mitchell's throat and throwing Nick into the bath his sister used and dropping in a microave. Marco is accused of being the killer by everyone exept Leigh, Cindy, Dawnie, Clove, Kristen, Cleo and Caitlin, due to the fact Nick's death is a replica of Tiffiny's death in the Chucky seris and he is obsessed with chucky and Final Destination.

Sidney back for another speech and tells them the legend of Ghostface. After school Tameeka comes over to Cleo's house with Kristen for a sleepover but this go downside when ghostface crashes the party and kills Kristen, Tameeka runs and has her throat slit by another ghostface. Cleo is stabbed in the shoulder and gets away due to the ghostfaces fighting as she runs she sees one mask come of and a blonde pony tail.

A police report follows this where Dawnie adresses the reporters with a famous hair flick. After that Beverly, Lindsay and Courtney set up for prom as Beverly goes to the change room she is killed. Back to the police report Dewey is taking questions one question is about Cleo and her injury. Marco is let out of jail. Marcus is stabbed to death with a crusfix. Cindy vists Cleo only to find her being moved to a safe house guarded by Ray, Mackenzie and Sam three cops.

Mitchell while he is walking home is killed, his corpse is thrown into the dumpster. After Beverly's corpse is found it is the 31st afternoon of August the group excluding Cleo and including Dawnie go to the stab house as instructions from a phonecall Dawnie recived from ghostface.

At Stab house Hilary, Rachel and Anna are killed. Followed by Marcus, then Lea and finally Hudson. Caitlin is killed offscreen.

After leaving the Stab house due to the deaths Tim is killed while him and George go to vist Cleo. After a pursuit Officers Sam and Mackenzie are killed, then George is. Leigh tries to protect Lindsay resaulting in Santania's death, Ray is shoot in the ear and Sidney is stabbed. Cory gets locked into the room with Cleo and Portia and Marco, while Cindy stabbes Leigh to death and the other killer is revealed to be Dawnie. As Sidney falls on the floor, Gail stabbes Dawnie and Dewey kills both Cindy and Dawnie without knowing what hit them.

In the end the only survivors were Sidney, Cory, Gail, Cleo, Dewey, Courtney, Lindsay, Marco and Portia.