After the police killed Portia, the police officer who killed her is seeked out by Ghostface. Can Ally Parks (Holly Marie Combs) and her friends stop this madness once and for all?


  • Ally Parks - Holly Marie Combs
  • Sarah Lucy - Dianna Agron
  • Helen Rhy - Jennifer Garner
  • Bob Rhy - Russel Brand
  • Steve Peterson - Jim Carry
  • Molly Moore - Amber Benson
  • Katy Stevens - Allison Hannigan
  • Hugh Grunt - Seth MacFarlane
  • Tori Myers - Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Sally Hatchet - Cameron Diaz
  • Dectective Leanne - Lucy Liu
  • Detective Peters - Christian Potenza
  • Tanya Parks - Emma Roberts
  • Trudie Parks - Katy Perry


In the morning, two girls, Sally Hatchet (Cameron Diaz) and Tori Myers (Sarah Michelle Gellar, awaken to the sound of the phone ringing. Tori goes downstairs to answer it and Ghostface is on the other line. Upstairs, Sally is annoyed and goes downstairs and into the garage to go out but Ghostface pops out and chases her into the car. Ghostface stabs her in the stomach, and Tori pops in to find Ghostface running at her. She slams the door on him and locks it and runs off. Ghostface then comes back in through the back door and chases Tori into the bathroom where she is stabbed through the hand and throat is slit. Sally is still alive because Ghostface forgot to finish her off, opens the garage by the switch and escapes onto the streets and escapes into Ally Parks (Holly Marie Combs) house. Holly goes upstairs to call the police, but Ghostface gets into the house and finishes Sally off with a stab through the throat and Ghostface escapes. Ally goes back downstairs to see Sally's blood all over the carpet and screams which echoes to the movie's titles.