Please note that this piece of fanfiction has simply is like an alternate Scream 5. If you read my other scream fanfics you will probally know that it is a random story and is not in my scream universe. It has been 2 years after the events of Scream 4.

Scream the end is in ice

Release Poster. Cast left to right Peter(Curtis Stone)Ashley Webb(Mary Elizabeth Winsted)Dewey Riley(David Aquette)Sidney Prescott(Neve Campbell)Gail Weathers-Aquette(Courtney Cox)Detective Ruby Lee(Holly Marie Combs)Manny McDonald(Jesse Eisenberg)


In the opening scene Jade and Jay a married couple are killed. Sidney Prescott(Neve Campbell) has given up her life in Woodsboro and moved to Canada where she runs into Gale Weathers(Courtney Cox) and Dewey Riley(David Aquette), Dewey is in town because work called him to investigate in the murder. While Gail is here to readem her career as a news reporter. Dewey introduces them to Detective Lily Bright(Michelle Rodriguez) and Detective Ruby Lee(Holly Marie Combs) who inform them about the murders. Sidney then introduces them to her husband Peter(Curtis Stone).

Meanwhile Stab 8: The end is in Ice is being filmed, and Gail goes to interview Manny McDonald(Jesse Eisenberg), Ashley Webb(Mary Elizabeth Winsted) and Anette Jones(Anne Hathaway) who are the stars. The director of the new Stab movie Evan Shelton is angry at Gail for stopping filming. Anette is then stabbed to death at her farm outside of Canada in broad daylight.

Manny then throws a party due to getting the leading role in the Stab film. Jodie, Manny's girlfriend sits on the TV remote changing the channel to a news report about Anette's death. Most of the guest leave the party leaving only Manny, Manny's best friend Carter Hoss, Carter's girlfriend Candice, Jodie(Kristen Stewart) and her best friend Tanya. Shortly they leave and Manny is called by Ghostface and he notices Ghostface is talking to Candice and he runs and brings them in. After a mishap with Lily they hear Tanya's scream only to find Ghostface stabbing her to death.They then run into Carter, who is stabbed to death. They hop into their car to evactuate.

Dewey then innterigates the leading suspects Sidney, Gail, Manny, Jodie, Candice, Ashley and Ashley's sister Ashlyn. Gail suggests taking Dewey's and her kids Aiden and Hailey out of school while they work the killings out. But Dewey suspects a drug addict Irene, Manny and Harriet of the murders.

Tamara Kingsley(Megan Fox) Aiden's teacher is on the phone with Dewey when she is murdererd. 3 sisters are accused of Tamara's murder but fled from the scene into a doughtnut factory were one of them June Cape(Haley Webb) is crushed by a gear box, May Cape(Ellen Page) another one is crused by the fire escape door. And April Cape(Abbie Cornish) the final one is impaled by a metal rod.

Gracie Browning(Krista Allen) another actress is under police protection by detectives Harold Merchant and Meredith Webb(Ali Larter). At Gail's late night show featuring Dr. Phil(himself), the mechanic Roger Halse is stabbed to death upstairs and his corpse is thrown down from the balcony above. Meredith tries to flee with Harold and Gracie but she is stabbed to death.

Sherrif Joe Rudd and Deputy Barney Patterson adress to the reporters the situation Gail askes him about Anette's death and he said it was pattened after a song called "How soon is now". Manny tells Dewey the rules of the fifth instalment which are 1. Anyone could die next 2. The murders patten things and then switch to patten another thing and 3. Relatives to dead/main characters almost always die.

Jay and Jade's girl Renee and her husband Reece are killed next. Manny and Dewey try to save Anette's DJ cousin Zac but he is killed, but they follow the killer to a party which pattens Katy Perry's Hot N Cold when a snow cone machine falls into the chilled pool and the gas tank falls into the heated pool severl people Samantha, Gabriella and Courtney fall into the heated pool and are killed, Tanya's sister Sylvia is crused as she comes out with punch and ghostface cuts the rafter causing her to be killed and the punch to be sprayed on the ground. Rocker runs foward and he slips in the punch and falls into the chilled pool and is killed, before ghostface sets a broken car on fire and the hubcap decapitates Harriet.

The surviving group goes to follow ghostface into Evan forest where Evan and Ashley are killed and everyone else goes into Carbia Lake and they see ghostface's lair and sneak in while Ian and Cassidy patrol the roads around Carbia forest. Gracie, Gail and Harold walk in the side walks. In ghostface lair Ashlyn steps on a floor board triggering 20 firework missiles stalk the group as they run away from it. One missile blows up the cars with Ian and Cassidy driving they shoot towards Gail who is pulled away by Gracie the car hits Harold killing him. 3 of the missiles hits Jeffery, Lily and Barney. Sidney, Candice, Manny and Ruby(Gail and Dewey soon join them) Keith reveals himself as the killer and so does the second killer Jodie, Candice is killed by Keith and he is shot dead by Ruby. Jodie asks her why she die that and Ruby reveals herself as the third killer before shooting Jodie, Manny, Gail and Dewey, she then tells Sidney there intensions she says she has alot of enermies and is trying to prove Sidney can die. She says Jodie did it for revenge for not getting the leading role in Stab 8 and Keith did it to because he just frankly was insane. After a fight Sidney kills her, and It is revealed that Manny, Gail and Dewey were not killed, and the credits roll after Sidney takes a pregantcy test, and the results are pregantcy.


David Aquette as Dewey Riley

Courtney Cox as Gail Weathers-Riley

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Megan Fox as Tamara Kingsley(Aiden's teacher)

Haley Webb as June Cape

Ellen Page as May Cape

Abbie Cornish as April Cape

Ali Larter as Meredith Webb

Morgan Baker as Aidan Riley

Kaiya Jones as Hailey Riley

Bridget Midler as Tanya Thorne/Stab 8 Olivia

Demi Lovato as Candice/Stab 8 Marnie

Kristen Stewart as Jodie/Stab 8 Rebecca

Michael Cera as Harold Merchant

Jesse Eisenberg as Manny McDonald/Stab 8 Robbie

Holly Marie Combs as Detective Ruby Lee

Curtis Stone as Peter Rose

Krista Allen as Gracie Browning/Stab 8 Jill

Dr. Phil as himself

Taylor Lautner as Ian

Debbie Ryan as Cassidy

Mary Elizabeth Winsted as Ashley Webb/Stab 8 Jenny

Anne Hathaway as Anette Jones/Stab 8 Kirby

Michelle Rodriguez as Detective Lily Bright

Katy Perry as Sylvia Throne/Stab 8 Gail

Jason Derulo as Carter Hoss/Stab 8 Perkins

Evan Shelton/Stab 8 director

Fletcher O'Leary as DJ Zac

Sandra Bullock as Gabriella/Stab 8 Judy Hicks

Tom Cruise as Alistair/Stab 8 Hoss

Daniel Raddcliff as Alfred/Stab 8 Trevor

Robert Patterson as Ray Lincoln/Stab 8 Charlie

Keith/Stab 8 prop master

Reece/Stab 8 Dewey

Emma Stone as Reene/Stab 8 producer

Rocker/Stab 8 executive producer

Bella Thorne as Cynthia/Stab 8 costume designer

Jennette McCurdy as Courtney Easton/Stab 8 Hairs Stylist

Amanda Righetti as Samantha Curtis/Stab 8 Sidney

Anna Faris as Harriet Taylor/Stab 8 Kate

Sherrif Joe Rudd

Wes Craven as Deputy Barney Patterson

Emily Osment as Irene Hicks

Dylan Sprouse as Jeffery