Sidney Prescott-Neve Campbell

David Arquettte-Dewey Riley

Gail Weathers/Riley-Courtney Cox

Lindsay Peters-Ellen Wroe

Cory Birchwood-Cole Sprouse

Portia Wagner-Selena Gomez

Clove Hart-Abigail Breslin

Cleo Newton-Keke Palmer

Amelia Hilton-Kate French

Sasha Raddison-Caitlin Stasey

Phoebe White-Alexis Knapp

Whiley Woods-

Shai Watanabi-Gemma Chan

Henry Emmerson

Kit Emmerson-

Marienne Connolly-Logan Browning

Blake Kessler-Penelope Cruz

Andy Anarldo-Juliette Lewis

Christie Starie-Alexa Davalos

Erica Berry-Katherine Randolph

Deputy Dakota Northside-Jacqueline MacInnes Woods

Jon Birchwood-Russel Brand

Helena Birchwood-Camerone Diaz

Stab 11Edit

Gail Rowley-Jennifer Connelly

Vanessa Howling-Denise Richards

Rupert Jefferson-James Spader

Raquel Henders-Julia Roberts

Spencer Hewitt-Naomi Watts


The movie starts with Andy and Erica watching Stab 11 on Blu-Ray. Andy critisises the price of Blu-Ray as the graphics are not much better. They witness the opening murder of Gail and Andy suggests watching something good. While putting on Stab 4 the power goes out. This scares Erica so Andy goes and fixes the powerbox. Andy is then killed, the doorbell rings and Erica opens it to Andy's corpse, in panic she runs to the garage and hops in the car and is stabbed by ghostface who is hiding in the backseat.

Deputy Dakota is with Dewey working on a police report about how Summerville (the town near Woodsboro) is getting more favor from the goverment when Dewey gets a call from Gail saying he needs to meet her at Chairty's Lake( a restaurant in east Woodsboro), he says he will but forgets as he is called to investergate in the murders of Andy and Erica.

In her office Helena Birchwood and her hudsband Jon Birchwood are telling Cory that he is adopted. Cory says he knew since fifth grade. This results in Helena crying.

While Gail is waiting for Dewey at Charity's Lake she sees a shop selling ghostface costumes. As Dewey is late, Gail leaves.

A girl name Raquel is murdered, this is revealed to be in Stab 11. Sidney is at the beach with Portia and Amelia, when Amelia chantes Bloody Mary in the water, don't bother splashing or you'll destraught her, ghostface stabs her in head from behind killing her.

Christie, a model is stabbed to death after finding her dog in the microave. Whiley watches a part of stab 11 where Rupert is thrown through the mirror when Vanessa and Spencer are doing Bloody Mary. He then tries this and is stabbed when the killer jumps out of the bathtub.